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Montpelier Open Source was founded in 2004 by Chad Avery and Joe Golden. They acquired an office on the second floor at 4 Langdon St. in Montpelier and set up free wireless internet access for patrons of the new Langdon St. Cafe, in the first floor. We are presently located in distributed cyberspace and we love skype and egroupware.

Montpelier Open Source offers systems and services for organizations ranging in size from single home office consultants to larger small businesses and non-profits. Their services range from custom-built systems and networks to open source Linux business desktops and applications, complete with training.

Important Point: What Open Source Is

Open source is a rapidly growing phenomenon in the computing and business worlds, where software and entire operating systems are free or very low-cost, and a single license may be legally installed on any number of computers. Any developer has access to the source code, hence the term "open source." Any person can modify or improve the code. This is the opposite of "closed" or proprietary systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, where the source code is kept secret. Open source systems are created and maintained by a dedicated worldwide community of thousands of talented programmers and volunteers. Many businesses are becoming wise to the benefits of open source systems and software, such as low-cost and extremely strong security.

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