Montpelier Open Source Services

Below you'll find a general listing of services we offer. Many of our services overlap, providing complete coverage for your needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us, and let us know what you're interested in.


Secure Telecommuting Systems

People around the globe from Brazil to Germany are using eGroupware as the basis for their telecommuting systems. eGroupware helps a company or government office organize and communicate securely from anywhere in cyberspace. Check out our demo to see eGroupware in action.

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Open source integration

Think of it as the best of both worlds. Perhaps your computers are new or you feel too comfortable using Microsoft Windows, but there's much about open source software applications that appeals to you. Many open source applications are available for Windows, such as OpenOffice. We'll work with you to analyze your needs and find the right open source applications for you. Once we've got the right set of applications, we'll install and configure them for you, then get you trained up on them so you're comfortable and proficient using them.

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Open source migration

You've done your research. You want that security, that stability, that low TCO that open source offers. What does it take to perform the migration from proprietary to open source systems? This is where project management and change management come to the forefront. Montpelier Open Source can help you plan, execute, and manage the hardware, the software, and most importantly of all, the people affected in an open source migration project.

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Open source-optimized hardware sales & service

Not all hardware is the same when it comes to optimally running Linux or other open source operating systems. If you're establishing or upgrading your network and peripherals, Montpelier Open Source builds custom made-to-order systems that are fully compatible with open source operating systems and software.

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Network design & installation (including wireless)

Networks come in all shapes and sizes:

Montpelier Open Source designs all networks to be secure from the beginning. That way, you don't have to patch up holes in a network that may not have been designed with security concerns in mind. More information below in System security.

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System security

One of the most motivating factors driving business to migrate from closed to open source systems is the ever-increasing security threats faced by closed proprietary systems. Whether you have single computer in a home office or an existing older network that's been in place for a few years, security is not a luxurious extra but a necessity. Security may become a liability issue in the future, as customers or vendors litigate against businesses for failing to adequately protect confidential data.

Necessary security measures include:

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Data & disaster recovery

Open source intranet & application deployment

In recent years, with the advent of free, open source web-based technologies, it has become possible to accomplish with internal web servers and web pages what once was done through expensive customized programs. This new and easier method for crafting in-house special applications utilizes something that has come to be called the LAMP stack. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Linux is the open source operating system, Apache is a web server running well over half the world's websites, MySQL is a fully scalable open source relational database server, and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language often used to format input and output between a MySQL database and web pages. Alternatively, the Perl or Python languages are sometimes utilized for this purpose. Collectively, these open source technologies allow for entirely web-based applications which run in a networked environment.

LAMP diagram

Applications that use the LAMP stack cover a broad range of primary business functions, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and accounting/purchasing/invoicing. Normally, proprietary CRM systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Open source CRM is freely available, and you would incur setup and training costs similar to or less than such costs with a proprietary system.

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Open source application training for administrators and end users

How do you administer a Linux network? How do you work with open source software on your Windows network? What about Windows application emulators? Administrators need to be up to speed on these topics and more. Montpelier Open Source can provide the training you seek. For end users, we provide training on various open source software applications to get your staff proficient and efficient quickly.

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Linux desktop training for end users

Once you've decided that open source is the way for your organization to go, the cost savings you enjoy means that training is finally within your reach. Most people need training on how to use their computer's operating system to proficiently perform basic tasks. It doesn't matter whether that operating system is proprietary or open source. If you want real efficiency from your staff, training is a must.

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Website design and open source content management systems (CMS)

Montpelier Open Source crafts standards-compliant, forward-compatible websites that load fast and provide a good first impression. Your website can help you maintain your existing customer relationships and build new ones. Your website could benefit your field sales staff during those all-important initial consultations. Certainly, your website could be a storefront. It could be whatever you want it to be.

With a content management system, or CMS, gone are the days of costly website updates. With a CMS, you and those in your organization can update your website yourself, with practically no knowledge of web markup or programming languages required.

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