Who is Montpelier Open Source?

Montpelier Open Source is a collaborative effort to provide categorically superior open source computing services. Our services range from open source integration and migration, to LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) web services deployment, to computer security and network design. Open source systems & software save money and are more secure.

We at Montpelier Open Source feel that we are part of something significant by aligning ourselves with the philosophies behind free software and open source licensing. Wouldn't it be nice to feel that way yourself, instead of feeling resigned and trapped in the draconian world of giant computer corporations?

Montpelier Open Source is:

Chad Avery


Chad has nine years of computer experience with a focus on network design. He advocates for implementing open source technology at home and in the business world. He has securely administered and maintained both Linux and Microsoft network environments. Chad builds custom computers for both businesses and home users alike. Think Linux.


Numa Haase


Numa has many skills in web development and programming. He speaks and writes HTML & CSS, PHP, Java and C++. Designing databases in MySQL is his specialty. He is presently working with the University of Vermont web team designing a database for their Sports Depatment.


Our Location


The Fiddlehead

fiddlehead logoThe fiddlehead logo symbolizes the newborn potential of open source. The spiral symbolizes evolution, growth, and process. It is one of nature's most harmonious shapes, and the green fiddlehead spiral signifies our commitment to a new way of doing business, in which our technology choices reflect our values just as much as our commitments to social and environmental ethics.




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